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Thigh / Arm Lift


How It Works

Thigh lift

A thigh lift is a procedure where excess skin is removed from the inner thighs to lift and tighten the thighs. Depending on the amount of excess skin, the incisions can either be hidden in the groin (medial thigh lift), or, if there is a lot of excess skin, the incision is also extended to the inner thigh down to the inner knee (extended thigh lift). The incisions are then closed with dissolving sutures.

The procedure is often combined with liposuction. The outer thigh is generally not targeted in a thigh lift as liposuction and a buttock lift tend to produce better results in that area of the thigh.

Doctor plastic surgeon makes a marker marker for plastic surgery on the hips of a girl. The concept of removing excess fat on the legs from the inside of the thigh, background, cruroplasty

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

An arm lift is a procedure where excess skin and fat are removed from the upper arm over the triceps muscle area. It may be combined with liposuction when necessary. The incision is placed on the inner aspect of the upper arm so that the scar is hidden when the arm is by the side. The incision usually extends from the elbow to the armpit. The incisions are then closed with dissolving sutures.

Skin laxity on the arms is often due to the effects of ageing or extensive weight loss, and an arm lift is a procedure requested by both men and women. This procedure can help if someone feels self-conscious about wearing short sleeves or otherwise showing their arms.

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