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Facials & Peels


How It Works

At Allura there are multiple facials and chemical peels to choose from using our medical grade skincare line Vivier. The right treatment for you is based on what your skin needs most, hydration, deep cleansing, colour correction, or just an overall glow.

Vivier Facial

This facial is a great option for intense hydration and relaxation, it is suitable for all skin types.

The Vivier facial begins with cleansing the skin, exfoliation, extractions, and a hydrating mask. Followed by a massage of the face, neck and shoulders allowing you to relax and drift off to sleep. It is then finished with the application of high-performance vitamin C+E peptide serum.

60 minutes

Vivier Peel

This rejuvenating facial treatment is specially designed for the treatment of combination skin, dry/sensitive skin, or redness.

The vivier peel is a unique treatment that can work wonders on the skin. It is a gentle, effective, professional combination peel that helps smooth, brighten, firm, and illuminate your skin. With 2% Salicylic Acid, 10% Lactic Acid, and 14% Resorcinol it works to remove debris that can clog pores and dull the outer layer of skin. With immediate improvement in texture and tone it gives the skin an immediate glow with just one treatment, although 3 treatments are recommended for best results.

1hr 15 min

Jessner Peel

The Jessner peel is comprised of 14% Lactic acid, 14% Salicylic acid, and 14% Resorcinol. Ideal for treating sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and textured skin. It aids in the removal of the outermost layer of skin to reveal fresh glowing skin below, this also allows for better penetration of at home skin care products post treatment.

Lactic acid is a tyrosinase inhibitor and gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin. It stops pigmentation from forming.

Salicylic acid penetrates and dissolves oil and skin debris that causes blackheads and whiteheads.It’s also an anti inflammatory so it reduces redness from those pesky breakouts or residual scarring.

Resorcinol is a lightening and brightening agent. It has antiseptic qualities and assists in treating acne and other skin conditions.

Who is the jessner peel best for?

  • Those who want to treat pigmentation from melasma, age, and sun damage.
  • Acne and acne scarring.
  • All over brightening and evening of skin tone.
  • Softening of superficial fine lines and wrinkles

30 minutes


  • What are the benefits of regular facials and peels?

    Regular facials and peels offer a multitude of benefits, including:

    • Improved skin texture: These treatments can smooth out rough or uneven skin.
    • Reduction in signs of aging: Facials and peels can diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Acne control: They can help manage acne breakouts and reduce blemishes.
    • Enhanced brightness: These treatments can promote a brighter and more radiant complexion.


    Consistent treatments can result in healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

  • Can people with sensitive skin have facials and peels?

    Yes, individuals with sensitive skin can safely receive facials and peels. It’s important to inform your skin care professional about your skin type and any specific sensitivities you may have. They can recommend suitable treatments and customize them to minimize the risk of irritation.

  • How often should I get a facial or peel?

    The frequency of facials and peels can vary depending on your skin type, concerns, and goals. As a general guideline, most people benefit from these treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. However, your skincare professional will provide personalized recommendations based on your individual needs.

  • What should I do post-treatment to maintain results?

    To maintain and maximize the results of your facial or peel, it’s essential to follow a proper skincare routine.

    Your aesthetician may recommend:

    • Gentle cleansing to remove impurities without overstripping the skin.
    • Moisturizing to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.
    • Sunscreen application to protect your skin from UV damage, which can undo the benefits of your treatment.


    Consistent adherence to these recommendations will help you preserve and enhance your skin’s newfound radiance.

  • Can facials and peels help with acne scars?

    Certain chemical peels, especially those containing salicylic acid, can be effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars over time. However, achieving significant improvement may require a series of treatments and ongoing maintenance. It’s essential to discuss your specific concerns with your skincare professional to determine the most appropriate approach for your skin.

  • Is there any downtime after a facial or peel?

    The downtime after a facial or peel depends on the type and depth of the treatment:

    • Lighter facials typically have no downtime, and you can resume your regular activities immediately.
    • Deeper chemical peels may require a few days of recovery, during which you may experience peeling, redness, and sensitivity.

    It’s crucial to follow post-treatment instructions provided by your skincare professional to ensure proper healing and minimize discomfort.

  • How do I know which type of facial or peel is right for me?

    Selecting the right facial or peel for your skin type and concerns is best determined through a consultation with a skincare professional. During the consultation, your aesthetician will assess your skin, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable treatment based on their expertise and your unique needs.

  • Can I wear makeup after a facial or peel?

    It’s generally advisable to avoid wearing makeup immediately after a facial or peel. Your skin may be sensitive, and applying makeup can potentially irritate it. Your skincare professional will provide guidance on when it’s safe to resume your makeup routine, typically after the initial recovery period.

  • Are there any long-term benefits of facials and peels?

    Yes, regular facials and peels can yield noticeable long-term improvements in skin health and appearance. Over time, you can expect to see reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture, and a clearer complexion. Consistency in skincare treatments is key to maintaining these long-term benefits.

  • Can facials and peels be customized for my specific skin concerns?

    Absolutely! Facials and peels can be customized to address your individual skin concerns, whether you’re focused on anti-aging, pigmentation issues, hydration, or other specific needs. Your skincare professional can tailor the treatment by selecting the right products, techniques, and concentrations to achieve the best results for your unique skin.

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