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Meet Our Team

Kelly-Lynn Brun, AI

Clinic Manager

Stephanie Landry

Surgical Coordinator Dr. Ali Husain Professional Corporation Inc.

Melanie Goguen

Surgical Coordinator Allura Medical Aesthetics & Surgery

Kate Geldart

Medical Office Administrative

Alisha Cooke, LPN

Cosmetic Injector/Surgical Practical Nurse

Emily Peabody, RN

Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Caroline Thibeault, RN

Cosmetic Nurse Injector/Surgical Nurse

Amber Chhem, LPN

Surgical Practical Nurse

Catherine Leblanc, RN

Recovery Room Nurse

Renee Cormier, RN

Recovery Room Nurse

Brigitte Morin, AE

Medical Esthetician

Dr. Yasser Hayat, FRCPC, MD, MBA, BSc (hon)


Dr. Stewart Forbes, BSc, MD, FRCPC


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