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Breast Augmentation

Enhance your natural curves


How It Works

Breast augmentation is a procedure that enhances the volume and shape of the breast using implants. The procedure is most commonly performed through an incision under the breast (infra-mammary), but can also be performed through an incision at the edge of the areola (peri-areolar) or through the armpit (axillary). Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Breast implants are made with a silicone shell and can be filled with either saline or silicone gel. Silicone gel implants are the most commonly used as they feel more natural and closer to how breast tissue feels. They ripple less than saline implants do. They also have a much lower leak rate than saline implants. Implants can be placed either above or below the pectoralis (chest) muscle, depending on the anatomy of the breasts.

A breast augmentation can also be combined with a breast lift (augmentation-mastopexy) if the breasts are droopy. This procedure removes the excess skin and repositions the areola so that it points forward instead of downward. The incisions are closed with dissolving sutures.


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  • Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?

    Rarely do implants interfere with a woman’s ability to breastfeed her children.

  • When will I see final results from my surgery?

    The final results from breast augmentation surgery are gradual, this is why we recommend not to go out and buy new bras and clothing right away. Breast implants commonly sit high on the chest for the first few weeks following surgery, until swelling subsides and muscles relax then the implants settle into a more natural position on the chest. Most woman will have a good idea of their final result 6 weeks after surgery, but they can continue to change for several weeks or months after surgery.

  • Do I need a lift with my breast augmentation?

    In some cases breast implants can lift mildly sagging breasts, but implants alone will not help woman who are concerned with moderate to severe sagging. This is when a lift is needed in combination with implants, to remove excess skin and ensure the nipple placed in the center of the implant.

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