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Cellulite Reduction & Body Skin Tightening


How It Works

Tempsure Firm utilizes radio frequency to tighten skin and improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is fast, effective, painless, and has no downtime.

Tempsure Firm is ideal for the following body areas to improve skin appearance on:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Sides
  • Buttock
  • Thighs
  • Full legs
  • Cellulite

Tempsure Firm uses monopolar radio frequency technology to generate heat to 42 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperate to generate new collagen production and tighten lax skin. The advanced handpiece design allows for real time temperature measurement and precise heat delivery.

Its unique design allows for:

  • Fast even heating
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Treatments safe for any and all skin types
  • Treatments safe all year round
  • No downtime


  • What is the difference between Tempsure Envi and Firm?

    Tempsure Envi is designed for facial skin tightening and uses a variety of different sized handpieces to be able to treat small and large areas of the face. Handpiece sizes range from 10mm up to 25mm.

    Tempsure Firm is designed for full body skin tightening and cellulite reduction. It is designed with large handpiece sizes with the largest handpiece being 60mm  to treat large areas.

  • When will I see results from my treatment?

    You may begin to see results immediately after treatment with improvements being seen in the weeks following treatments. For the body, a series of 8 treatments is recommended, spaced 1 week apart.

    Skin collagen and elasticity decrease as we age at a rate that is largely dependent on genetics, lifestyle, and sun exposure. The better you take care of your skin the better your results will be maintained. Maintenance treatments may be scheduled every 6-8 months.

  • How much do treatments cost?

    Treatment costs vary based on the area being treated. A physical assessment is needed to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment and to discuss pricing and sessions needed.

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