1st Hyaluronic acid gel specifically designed to tackle under eye circles. 

The results are natural looking, immediate and lasting:

  • Under eye circles evenly corrected
  • Hydrated, younger-looking skin
  • Long lasting global satisfaction, proven over 12 months

A 3-in-1 patented formula

  • Hyaluronic acid = Fills out under eye hollows
  • Blend of 14 essential nutrients naturally present in the skin = Revitalises the skin
  • Anesthetic agent = Comfort during the procedure

Frequently asked questions for under eye treatment using Redensity [II]

What will happen during the treatment?

Our nurse injector will make a precise diagnosis of the area requiring treatment. An injection of the Redensity [II] gel will be administrated with a sterile, single-use syringe. The session will not take long, usually around 20 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

Immediate results can be seen after just one visit. Occasionally, a touch-up injection may be needed within one month after your first session.

Can I go back to work immediately after a session?

You may experience some post-injection reactions such as minor bruising and/or swelling in the treated area. These reactions do not always occur and are usually mild and short-term.

“97% of patients are satisfied with the results and 98% of them would recommend the treatment”

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